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See what makes skilllocus the perfect talent solution for teams

Manage Multiple openning

No opening restrictions.Skilllocus can accept application fro multiple openings at a time and you can manage all of them separately from single dashboard.

All in One Dashboard

After you login, Skilllocus present you a smart and well organized dashoard that gives you an overall picture about your openings and things need your attention. No more guessing, use the skillocus dashboard to utilize your time with full potential.

Use Social Media

Use the power of social media, in these powerful era of social media, use its potential to build your online presence and your brand to hire talents.

Hunt talent everywere

Skilllocus can accept applications from multiple sources and provides you an comprihancive report to help you find ROI

Customizable Recruitment Workflow

Skilllocus allows you to create custom stages as per your organizations's talent acquisition strategy. Now you do not have to compromise your process to use a tool.

Manage Interview Location

Skilllocus allows you to specify interview location respect to acquisition steps. Alternativly you can specify one location for all interviews. These locations are notified to interviewer and interviewee thats helps them to attend your acquisition steps more easily and save your time to notify location individually.

Notify Candidates Automatically

Skilllocus can notify interviewer and interviewee schedules from the portal. Alternativly you have freedom not to notify automatically.An reponsive notification sent that can be readable via any device or desktop.

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unlimited hire, unlimited application acceptence.


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